Sales of hay and straw – a good deal.

​At Tronagergaard Straw we want to make it a little easier once you have decided on your supplier of hay and straw. Our talented team of dedicated employees have many years’ experience in both sales and delivery of hay and straw. We know what it takes to make a good deal in your particular situation.

Whatever you are looking for sale, transportation or both of hay and straw, we are ready with a tailored solution for your loading.

Strong export solutions with sales of hay and straw.

When we are dealing with sales of hay and straw we can offer transport and sales solutions both at home and abroad. Naturally we drive all over Denmark but at the same time you can receive goods in both Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.

All transportations are handled exclusively by professionals. You are also guaranteed that your order will be available for delivery all year.

Weekly transport and delivery.

Our verified carriers drive every week all over the country and we can offer the following solutions

– Hay and straw bales from 15 to 800 kg suitable for bulk consumers.
– Big Bales Dimension 129 x 122 x 240 cm. 500 – 600 kg 20, 22 or 24 bales/loadings.
– Small bales of “Kentucky hay” 15 kg.

Call us at 20 15 02 49 or message us at and get a non-binding offer on our sale of hay and straw. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Our Manufacturing Practice and other documentation gives our customers at home and abroad as well as authorities assurance that we work systematically, responsibly and hygienically in our handling and transport of feed.

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