The provision of high-quality straw

Provider of bales of straw in Denmark and abroad

Are you interested in the purchase of bales of straw of excellent quality? Then look no further – you have found precisely the provider you are looking for.

At Tronagergaard Straw, located on the island of Zealand in Denmark, we intend to facilitate things for you when you need a provider of straw. Our competent staff of dedicated employees have many years’ experience with respect to both sale and delivery of straw, in Denmark as abroad.

We know what it takes to ensure that you, in your particular situation, will strike a good bargain. Whether you are looking for the provision of straw, straw transport or both, we are prepared to deliver a tailored solution.

Small hay bales 17 – 20 kg

​High quality hay - We produce and sell this product.

Contact us to place an order.​​​

The provision of our bales of straw

In connection with our provision of bales of straw, we offer transport and sales solutions in Denmark and abroad. Naturally, we deliver all across Denmark, but you can also choose to receive our products in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, we also provide sale as well as transport to the Middle East. This could for instance be Dubai, Qatar or Saudi Arabia.

All transport jobs will solely be carried out by professionals who know what they are doing. Thus, you can be sure that your order will arrive safely – all year round and, also, we ship new deliveries every week.​

What are our prices of straw and bales of straw?

We carry a wide selection of bales of straw, and our prices will depend on the Solution chosen. You can for instance choose between the following solutions:

  • Wrap / Silage-products: Dry for horses, moist for cows
  • Bales of straw from 15 to 800 kg
  • Big Bales 500 – 600 kg (129 x 122 x 240 cm), 20/22/24 bales per lorry load
  • Maxi Big 90 x 120 x 245 cm.

Regardless of the solution you choose, you can always expect our bales of straw to be at competitive prices, however. We shall be happy to prepare a tailored quotation for your prospective order.​

Sale of high-quality straw

At Tronagergaard Straw, we have considerable experience in the trading of straw to customers in Denmark and abroad; and we have always provided quality products. We strive to be in a position to deliver products of optimal quality and, thus, you can be assured that they will be properly treated – for the purpose of being delivered to you in the expected condition.

We prioritise to provide our customers with the expected products and, hence, we always appear as a credible provider.

Contact us to learn more about our provision of straw

Should you have any questions concerning some of our products or the various options for closing a deal, you shall be more than welcome to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.



Our Manufacturing Practice and other documentation gives our customers at home and abroad as well as authorities assurance that we work systematically, responsibly and hygienically in our handling and transport of feed.​​

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Delivery all across the country. We have weekly transports! We deliver quality at favourable prices – swiftly, easily and cheaply!


We buy as well as sell excellent straw for fodder and litter. And having satisfied customers has always been our major objective.


Should you desire a swift and non-binding offer from us, simply give us a call.

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