The provision of chipped bark of the highest quality available in Denmark

Large quantities

If you are requiring large quantities of chipped bark, we at Tronagergaard Straw are in a position to provide your with precisely the quantity you need, here and now. By our provision of chipped bark, you will be completely in control as to what you want, how much you want, and when you want it.

Delivery right at your doorstep, or collect it yourself

When trading with us, it is of no importance whether you desire to collect in your own trailer or whether you want delivery to your address. If you choose to collect yourself, we stand by to fill up your trailer. But should you, for whatever reason, be prevented, we will deliver directly to your doorstep.

We deliver across all of Denmark on a weekly basis. Thus, your order will be delivered within only a few days. If you have your own trailer or platform lorry, we shall load your purchase into your means of transport absolutely free of charge.

Safe transport and good service

All our haulage contractors are certified and work pursuant to well-ordered conditions, ensuring that your delivery will arrive safely. Excellent transport is a part of the excellent service we wish you to experience when trading with us. Customer satisfaction is the greatest recognition a service provider can obtain.


Should you wish to make use of our provision of chipped bark, we shall be ready to guide you through the entire process on telephone +45 20 15 02 49 or via e-mail to Give us a call today, and get a non-binding offer as to what we can do for you.



Our Manufacturing Practice and other documentation gives our customers at home and abroad as well as authorities assurance that we work systematically, responsibly and hygienically in our handling and transport of feed.​​

3 reasons for choosing



Delivery all across the country. We have weekly transports! We deliver quality at favourable prices – swiftly, easily and cheaply!


We buy as well as sell excellent straw for fodder and litter. And having satisfied customers has always been our major objective.


Should you desire a swift and non-binding offer from us, simply give us a call.

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