Purchase of hay and straw – we’ll give you a fair price


Not only do we sell hay and straw – we also buy it, if you are having trouble with excess products. Of course, we will look for fine quality and type, but we can give you an individual price of what we can offer you for your products.

Simple process of buying hay and straw.

You call us and tell us about your products and what you wish to sell, and thereafter we offer you a price. You can either chose to deliver it yourself, or we can pick it up after your choice. The transport tasks are carried out by professional transport companies from Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany. We ship every week from Denmark to the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

Also, we can convert short fescue straw, whether harvested with rotary combine harvester or cut.

Receive payment for many varieties.

With our purchase of hay and straw we are looking for straw from grass seed, grains and rape / canola. But if you have anything else for either feed or bedding, we are happy to look at it. All offers are non-binding.

Find out what we can do for you at +45 20 15 02 49 or send us a mail at karl@tronagergaard.dk and get a great deal.


Quality control

ur GMP+ certification and other documentation will provide our customers at home and abroad, authorities the assurance that we work systematically, responsibly and hygienically in our handling and transportation of feed.

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